Shareholders Participation

Shareholders Participation

The Board values its dialogue with both institutional shareholders and private investors and recognizes that timely and equal dissemination of relevant information be provided to them. In this regard, it adheres to the disclosure requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Malaysia”) by making announcements via the Bursa Malaysia’s website at Information of the Company is also disseminated through the following channels:

  1. Annual Report;
  2. Circular to Shareholders; and
  3. Company’s website at

A copy of the annual report is sent to all our shareholders and is available upon request. By making various announcements through Bursa Malaysia in particular the timely release of the quarterly results, members of the public can also obtain the full financial results and the announcements from the Bursa Malaysia website.

The Board encourages shareholders’ active participation at the Company AGM. The AGM remains the principal forum for dialogue with shareholder where it provides an opportunity for the shareholders to seek clarifications on the Group’s operations. Given the significant of AGM, barring unforeseen circumstance, the Board would endeavour to send the notice of the meeting together with the Annual Report at least 28 days before the AGM. The Chairman and members of the Board will undertake to provide the shareholder with a written answer to any significant question that cannot be readily answered. The external auditors will also be present to provide their professional and independent clarification on issues and concerns raised by the shareholders, if any.

The Board takes note of the recommendation by the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance on the adoption of electronic voting and the resolutions tabled at the general meetings have to be decided by way of poll. The Company has implemented electronic poll voting at the past few general meetings. Announcement will also be made on the detailed results showing the number of votes cast for and against each resolution.

The Board ensures that each item of special business included in the Notice of AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting must be accompanied by an explanation of the effects of the proposed resolution.