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Our Warehouse Department provides specialised warehousing services to our customers ranging from common storage facilities to specialised warehousing services such as PBW, IPC, cold room, temperature-controlled air conditioning rooms, FCZ, in-plant warehouse management and VMI. Details of our warehousing services are as follows:-

  • Public Bounded Warehouse (PBW) - PBW is a customs-controlled warehouse licenced under Section 65 of the Customs Act 1967, wherein the dutiable goods are stored without the necessity of paying any customs duties or taxes at the point of entering the PBW.

  • International Procurement Centre (IPC) - IPC is one of the investment scheme introduced by the government to promote Malaysia as a regional trading and distribution hub. Under this scheme, locally incorporated companies are given tax incentive to procure parts and components either locally or internationally and subsequently re-export these items overseas.

  • Cold room - Cold room facilities are currently available only in PKLC. This is one of the most advanced facilities in which the room temperature is automatically monitored by a computer system with surveillance alert function. It runs continuously and is fully backed up by a stand-by generator to provide continuous supply of electricity in the event of power supply failure.

  • Temperature-controlled air-conditioning rooms - Temperature-controlled air-conditioning rooms are meant to cater for temperature-sensitive or humidity-sensitive products, such as sensitive electronic parts, pharmaceutical products or tobacco-related products.

  • FCZ - Under the Customs Act 1967, a FCZ is deemed as an area that is not part of Malaysia and provides support for trading and value adding activities.

  • In-Plant Warehouse Management - This service entails the deployment of experienced and skilled warehousing workforce to manage day-to-day warehouse operations, which encompasses receiving, storing, order-picking, logistics co-ordination, shipping and house-keeping in the customer’s plant.

  • VMI - VMI is a product emerging from the continuous evolution in the supply chain management and is an upgraded version of the classical JIT system.

In line with our efforts to offer total logistics solutions to our valued customers, our Warehouse Department has enhanced our logistics mechanism with distribution centres spanning across Peninsular Malaysia. Currently, our major operating warehouses are
  • PKLC
    This is a modern double-storey PBW, which is strategically located in the hub of the Port Klang industrial area. Its close proximity with North Port and the Customs office significantly enhances its logistical edge in terms of cheaper transportation cost to port and shorter clearance lead-time to our customers.

    This warehouse offers a total of 16,200m2 of covered bonded warehousing space mainly for the storage of dutiable goods for either import or export. The warehouse is equipped with advanced handling equipment such as fully-automated cargo lift, environmentally friendly battery-operated forklifts, central-controlled alarm system with CCTV surveillance functionalities and cold room facilities.

  • NPLC
    This warehouse is located in the North Port Distripark and covers an area of approximately 4,600m2. Its main activities include the provision of FCZ warehousing services, non-residential operation, transhipment, regional consolidation and distribution as well as other downstream value-added activities such as palletising, unitising, packing, labelling, etc for export bound cargoes.

  • PPLC
    PPLC comprises three blocks of PBW within the Prai industry area, with a total storage capacity of 8,200m2 supplemented by 500m2 of FCZ warehouse located in the Butterworth Container terminal. With the achievement in obtaining the prestigious MS ISO 9001:2000 certification on quality management system in May 2006, PPLC has geared up to further strengthen its position as a prominent market player in the northern region of Malaysia.

  • SALC
    This is a modern warehouse and strategically located in the well-developed hub of Klang Valley within the Shah Alam industrial zone.

    The warehouse comprises two floors with a total storage capacity of 10,400m2. In addition to covered warehousing space, SALC is also equipped with temperature-controlled air-conditioning room catering for temperature sensitive products. Given its strategic location and with well-developed surrounding infrastructures, SALC is targeted to tap the market potential of the fast-growing domestic distribution sector by specialising in distribution, consolidation and cross-dock operation.

  • PGLC
    This warehouse is located in the FCZ of Pasir Gudang Port and covers an area of approximately 10,000m2. Its main activities include the provision of FCZ warehousing services, non-residential operation, transhipment, regional consolidation and distribution as well as other downstream value-added activities such as palletising, unitising, packing, labelling, etc for export bound cargoes

TASCO Logistics Centre

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  Shah Alam Logistics Centre
  Port Klang Logistics Centre
  North Port Distripark
  Pasir Gudang Logistics Centre
  Penang Prai Logistics Centre
  Penang Air Freight Logistics Centre
  (Bayan Lepas)
  Total Warehouse Space
  10,400 M2
  16,200 M2
  4,600 M2
  10,000 M2
  8,200 M2
  2,171 M2

Depending on the geographical locations of the consignee/shippers, all enquires should be directed to :

  Branch   Address   Contact   Person In Charge

Shah Alam Logistics Centre

Lot No. 1A Persiaran Jubli Perak,
Jalan 22/1, Seksyen 22,
40300 Shah Alam,


Tel: 603-51018951
Fax: 603-55486288

Mr Goh Poh Hock




Tel: 603-51018965
Fax: 603-55411826

Mr Pradeep David




Tel: 603-51018804
Fax: 603-55411826

Mr G Thayalan


Pasir Gudang Logistics Centre (PGLC)

Lot 26, Jalan Cecair, Kawasan Perindustrian Zon Bebas,
Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor,
81707 Pasir Gudang, Johor


Tel: 607-2527010
Fax: 607-2526997

Ms Serene Gan


Tanjung Pelepas Logistics Centre (TPLC)

Lot D07, Jalan Tanjung A/4
Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas,
81560 Gelang Patah, Johor


Tel: 607-5072619
Fax: 607-5072614

Ms Jenny Cheah


Senai Seelong Logistics Centre (SSLC)

Lot 5646 Jalan Seelong,
Mukim Senai, Daerah Kulai,
81400 Johor Bahru, Johor


Tel: 607-5987575
Fax: 607-5981800

Mr K Balan


Port Klang Logistics Centre 1 (PKLC 1)

Lot 22 Lengkungan Sultan Hishamuddin,
North Klang Straits Industrial Area, Kawasan 20, Mukim Kapar,
42000 Port Klang,


Tel: 603-33267000
Fax: 603-31762489

Mr Ooi Guan Lye


Port Klang Logistics Centre 3 (PKLC 3)

Lot 16, Lebuh Sultan Muhamad 1,
Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Sultan Sulaiman,
42000 Port Klang,


Tel: 603-31760071
Fax: 603-31761377

Mr Manimaran Muttoo


Kuantan Port Logistics Centre (KPLC)

Lot 109A, Jalan Gebeng 1/6,
Kawasan Perindustrian Gebeng, Fasa 1, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang


Tel: 609-5834666
Fax: 603-5838999

En Sulaiman Bin Amin


Ipoh Logistics Centre (IPLC)

Lot 21402, Lebuh Perusahaan Klebang 11,
Kawasan Perindustrian International IGB,
31200 Ipoh,


Tel: 605-2938988
Fax: 605-2938999

Mr Loh Yeh Kuen


Bangi Logistics Centre I (BLC 1)

Lot 524, PT 40842, Jalan P10/10,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor


Tel: 603-89288048

Mr Ng Huar Hee


Bangi Logistics Centre II (BLC 2)

Lot 46860 (PT 61382) & Lot 46864 (PT 61734), Seksyen 10,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor



Mr Ng Huar Hee


Penang Air Freight Logistics Centre (PALC)

Plot 93, Lintang Bayan Lepas 9,
Taman Perindustrian Bayan Lepas, Fasa IV,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Pulau Pinang


Tel: 604-2520888
Fax: 604-2520997

Mr Cha Kim Pau


Penang Prai Logistics Centre (PPLC)

1441, Lorong Perusahaan Maju 8,
Prai Industrial Estate, 13600 Prai,
Pulau Pinang


Tel: 604-5099888
Fax: 604-5099988

Mr Lim Poh Song


Kota Kinabalu Logistics Centre (KKLC)

Mile 5 1/2 Jalan Tuaran,
Off Jalan Kolombong, BDC/SEDCO Indutrial Estate,
88450 Inanam, Kota Kinabalu,


Tel: 6088-424170
Fax: 6088-424120

Mr Pang Tze Wing


North Port Logistics Centre (NPLC)

c/o Northport Distripark Sdn Bhd, Warehouse D2.
Jalan Parang, Pelabuhan Utara,
42000 Port Klang,


Tel: 603-31766323
Fax: 603-31764762

Mr Manimaran Muttoo


Kuching Air Freight Logistics Centre (KCLC)

1215 , Lorong Demak Indah 2A, Demak Laut
Industrial Estate Phase 11A, Jalan Bako,
93050 Kuching,


Tel: 6082-439644
Fax: 6082-433644

En Haris Fazail Bin Haroon


Singapore Truck Centre (SGTC)

No.30 Boon Lay Way, #01-03,
Singapore 609957


Tel: 65-68049520
Fax: 65-68049549

Mr Eugene Lee


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